Nanomaterials for the New Millenium


The Nanomedicine Science and Technology program was created by EMRI with a $3.5M grant from the National Cancer Institute and the National Science Foundation, to establish nanomedicine as a new paradigm for diagnosis and therapy of cancer, infectious and cardio-vascular diseases from bench to bedside. Nanomedicine seeks to exploit a timely convergence of two parallel recent developments toward the diagnosis and therapy of disease - the decoding of the human genome that has led to greater understanding of the molecular basis of diseases, and nanotechology, which offers the means to control single molecular interactions. Based at Northeastern University, the program collaborates with outstanding medical institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Beth Israel and Deaconness Medical Center and Dana Farber Cancer Center, and industrial organizations including Genzyme and Boston Scientific.

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An interdisciplinary project carries out cutting edge research in optical nanostrucutres for imaging, and communications at microwave and optical frequencies. This project involves 6 faculty, 3 postdocs and 4 graduate students from Physics and ECE, and is supported by grants from the NSF and AFOSR.

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