Mission Goals

eMRI was established to catalyze and synergize nanomaterials science and engineering research and education across departments and colleges. eMRI has taken a unique approach by partnering extensively with external institutions such as funding agencies and industrial organizations to support cutting-edge research on current topics.

Key activities and accomplishments are summarized below:

eMRI achievements in fundamental and translational research include securing more than $7.3M in external funding, collaborating with or servicing more than 30 faculty, 100 postdocs and students and 15 external companies and medical/governmental research institutions. eMRI research programs have led to numerous publications and invited presentations, and eMRI has developed an entirely new educational interdisciplinary program in nanomedicine.

Nanomaterials and Instrumentation Facility

eMRI operates the Nanomaterials Instrumentation Facility, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments worth several M$, which has been established with policies for user fees, instrument time, external charges and maintenance. The facility has generated a total of $74K in revenues from user fees. The facility supports 20 faculty, more than 100 postdocs and students, and 10 external companies.

Electronic and Photonic Nanostructures

An inter disciplinary project carries out cutting edge research in negative index materials for imaging, and communications at microwave and optical frequencies. This project involves 6 faculty, 3 postdocs and 4 graduate students from Physics and ECE, and is supported by grants from the NSF and AFOSR totaling $1.6M.

Nanomedicine Research and Education

eMRI won an $3.5 M IGERT grant in nanomedicine from the NCI and the NSF. EMRI oversees the IGERT project, which currently supports 14 Ph.D. students and 15 undergraduate and master's associates. The program involves more than 30 collaborative research projects, and has led to the development of 2 new courses. EMRI collaborates with area medical research institutions and industry on this project.

Industry and Government Research Collaborations

eMRI has established extensive external interactions with more than 20 external institutions including companies and research hospitals, in a variety of formats including research collaborations and service agreements.


Seminar series: Distinguished speakers in nanomaterials and nanomedicine gave several talks that were well attended by many members of the University community.

Publications and Presentations: Institute members have published several papers and given numerous presentations during this reporting period.

Patents and Invention Disclosures: Institute members have submitted 3 invention disclosures and filed one patent application.


Since its inception, eMRI has secured more than $7,303,360 in external funding. Currently eMRIís annual research expenditures exceed $1.5M!