Education, Training and Outreach

Education and Outreach are essential complements to the primary Research activities of the Institute. The education and outreach activities will enrich Northeastern's academic environment, and broaden the University's interdisciplinary academic offerings.

Graduate Education and Training

IN 2005 eMRI started the the IGERT Nanomedicine Science and Technology interdisciplinary program with funding from NCI and NSF. The program awards Ph.D. degrees in core subjects with a specialization in Nanomedicine Science and Technology. Key elements of the innovative educational research and training program include:

  • An innovative education and training doctoral program with a flexible structure for interdiciplinary, teamwork-based training and research
  • Opportunity to perform cutting-edge interdisciplinary scientific research project for doctoral dissertation under the mentorship of world-renowned scientists and educators
  • Interdisciplinary research training in diverse areas including nanostructured materials, nanomagnetism, cell biology and trafficking, optical microscopy and imaging, sensors and diagnostic systems, drug and gene targeting and delivery, and synthesis and surface functionalization and characterization of nanostructures, and theoretical computational modeling.
  • Practical real-world experience through graduate internships in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device industrial companies, research hospitals and government laboratories, with co-mentoring by industrial and medical research scientists.
  • Opportunities for international research visits and collaborations.

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Undergraduate Education and Training

The seminal Boyer report calls for major educational reform in the methods and modes of educating undergraduates at graduate research universities. One focus of the commission's mandate called for all undergraduates, beginning with the freshman year, to be fully involved in research teams. This call resonates with Northeastern University's own Strategic Plan which advocates the development of connected learning communities in which students work alongside faculty on cutting-edge research problems experiencing firsthand the thrill of generating new knowledge, and solving problems.

The Materials Research Institute fully recognizes the importance of involving undergraduates in research and is committed to developing a strong undergraduate research involvement. Institute members have already established records of undergraduate and even high school student involvement in research.

The Institute pursues several mechanisms for undergraduate research involvement:

Undergraduate Research Fellowships: Providing undergraduates with research experience and training based upon the practice-oriented mission of Northeastern, will be another key endeavor of the Center. Faculty members accept undergraduates particularly as part of their coop training, and suitable fellowships are available.

Industrial Coop Projects: The strong ties the Institute will have with industry and government laboratories facilitates the finding of coop assignments and joint projects involving undergraduates in materials-related areas.

Outreach and Recruitment

Urban Outreach: As an urban University, Northeastern University is uniquely poised to make a significant impact in the education and mentoring of minority/inner city youth and increasing the diversity of the SMET workforce. Several outreach activities are being caarried out to convey the excitement of nanotechnology to K-12 students and teachers.

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